Many people have questions about insurance and their coverage. On this page we will answer some common questions and also provide links to other insurance-related sites.

Do some insurance policies offer better coverage than others?

Definitely. Companies have several different types of policies and that is why it is important to meet with your agent to make sure you are covered where you need to be covered.

Does credit play a part in my rate?

With all insurance companies today, credit does play a role in determining rate.

Can I get a policy with Chandler Insurance Group that is as good as State Farm or Allstate?

Definitely. You can get a policy with better coverage than either of those two have to offer…call me and I will explain.

If I pay my premium in full can I get a discount?

With all of my companies you do get a discount for paying the full premium. The “Big Boys” will not offer you that!

Why should you go with Chandler Insurance Group….you have never heard of them?

I am an independent agent that can offer you much more than the “BIG BOYS”. I can give you multiple rates from well known “A” rated companies who take care of their customers. Should you ever feel that you are being charged too much for your premium, you don’t have to go find a new agent. All you have to do is call me. I can rerun your rates with a new company and you can keep the same great agent that you know and trust!